Gap Hill Baptist Church
Friday, October 30, 2020
Standing in the Gap

Sunday School

Come join us for Sunday School at 10:00am.  Below is a list of classes you and your family may attend.  There are classes for everyone. Hope to see you Sunday.


Babies 0-12 months/Children 1's & 2's - Our Nursery Sunday School class will introduce your child to a group of other children with whom they may continue their social and emotional growth and begin their Christian development.


Threes, Fours & Pre-K - Preschoolers are eager to learn and are anxious to attend a class where they may create, draw, sing, etc. as they are introduced to God and His loving plan for us.


Kindergarten through Grade 3 - Lessons continue with emphasis on prayer, prayer request and basic Bible truths for further Christian development and living.


Girls Grades 4 through 6 - This critical age benefits from Bible knowledge concerning moral absolutes and general decision making skills.  This knowledge will be helpful as they prepare to make their own decisions and personal choices that will shape their future.


Boys Grade 4 through 6 - Curriculum is parallel to the Girls 4 through 6 class lessons.  Bible truths critical to the moral development and general decision making of boys in this age group that may impact their future.


New Christian Class for Children - A 10-13 week class covering subjects that will help your child grow spirtually.  Topics include faith, baptism, the Lord's Supper, and other information necessary to fulfill God's plan for their lives.  This class begins on a rotating schedule with the Adult New Christian Class.  Watch for dates and times.


Youth Class - Young people in 7th through 12th grades are instructed furthering the Christian growth of young people rapidly entering young adulthood.  Church activities and social opportunities are imperative in maintaining a positive influence in the development of a young person's lifestlye.  Sunday School lessons continue with Bible truths and application to today's teenagers' lifestyles and decisions. 


College and Career - At a time when making major life decisions, like developing relationships and beginning a career, young adults need answers.  Bible study providing strong, yet encouraging biblical instruction for young adults  searching for God's will in their lives.


Life Matters -  Life lessons through developing relationships with a spouse, family and serving God through ministry.  Come enjoy informative bible study and fellowship.


New Testament Class - A comfortable group of single and married couples joining together for meaningful lessons that challenge adults to continue their quest for God's truth in a world of many expectations.  Through Bible study, questions for discussion or personal reflection adults will discover where God may be calling them.


Blessed with Children - Encouragement and Bible teaching for married couples with children.  Social gatherings may include the entire family or on occasion couples only night out.  Come join this fun loving group of adults for bible study and fellowship.


Adult Ladies -  A class just for women, who meet for Bible study and fellowship.  Single, widowed, divorced or married, these women are wonderful testimonies for God's hand in their lives. 


Adult Pairs and Spares - Older single and married couples enjoy exciting Bible study and fellowship.  Come join in lessons that challenge and inspire adults as they face crucial life issues. 


Auditorium Class - A wonderful mixture of those desiring to continue Sunday School.  A short and very informative class meets in the auditorium at 10:20am each Sunday morning.


Fellowship class - Located in the fellowship building, this adult class is for newcomers to our church.  This class enjoys exciting bible study and fellowship.  Join this class for a systematic and comprehensive study of the New and Old Testaments through the Bible Studies for Life series.


Spanish Class -


Adult New Christian Class - A 10-13 weeek class for new christians or members covering subjects that will help them grow spiritually as they begin their new life in Christ.  Topics include faith, baptism, the Lord's Supper, and other information necessary to fulfill God's plan in their lives.  This class meets on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm on a rotating basis with the Children New Christian Class.  Starting dates will be announced.

Why Sunday School?

Our Bible Study hour provides a wonderful way to

meet new friends while learning from God’s Word

at the same time.  Preschool, Children, and Youth

classes are based upon age/grade, while Adults meet

in Mens, Womens, Couples, or Singles classes of like age. 

Just let us know where you would feel most comfortable!