Gap Hill Baptist Church
Friday, October 30, 2020
Standing in the Gap

Scrip Program


What is Scrip?

SCRIP...what's that?...and how could it possible help us?  Scrip actually means anything used in the place of money. In this case we are talking about gift certificates from local and national vendors.  How does this translate into a fundraising program for Gap Hill? 

This program allows each person to weekly make a choice to direct their normal purchases for essentials....milk, eggs, gas, clothing to those stores that will partner with our Church.  It is that simple.  No selling, no extra expense, just focused spending.  Spending that brings profit to our program. 

How this program works?

UnitedScrip purchases millions of dollars worth of gift certificates (SCRIP) yearly from national vendors.  Our Church purchases these same certificates from UnitedScrip at a discount.  We in turn offer this SCRIP to our customers at face value.  You receive dollar for dollar the value of cash for these items.  Example:  $25.00 of a Gas Debit Card will purchase $25.00 of gas at any of its pumps nationwide.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

Scrip Schedule

Pick up an order form in the foyer of the church or from your Sunday School Class.  Take a look at this form and think about your week.  Where will you shop this week?  Where will you eat out?  What essentials will you need?  Does the car need gas?  Who has a birthday party coming up?  Who needs shoes?  What groceries do you need?   Planning your next vacation or business trip, many national hotels, cruise lines and restaurants are now available.

Fill out the form and return it with a check to cover the items to Tammie McCall or Pam Rampey.  The certificates will be available Wednesday Evening.  Some certificates are available at time of purchase.

For further information regarding the scrip program, please see or email Katie at katie@gaphillbaptist.comor visit